upcoming releases:

CD17A9: FREE FOLKS (Hasse Poulsen / Fabien Duscombs)

Release august 25th 2017

CD17A10 SIGHFIRE (Peter Corser, Johan Dalgaard Hasse Poulsen + Abdullah Miniawy, André Minvielle, Claudia B Poulsen, Sanseverino, Mounir Troudi).

release january 2018.

CD17A11: THREE ROADS HOME (Daniel Erdmann, Christophe Marguet, Claude Tchamitchian, Henri Texier).

release january 2018.

Das Kapital Records was founded in 2011 in order to produce and promote the recordings by Das Kapital as well as recordings by the individual members of the group.

Das Kapital is launched with the release of "Conflicts and Conclusions. Das Kapital plays Hanns Eisler" the follow-up of "Ballads & Barricades Das Kapital plays Hanns Eisler"


France: L'autre Distribution : 9, rue Lavoisier, 37270 Montlouis sur Loire, France. +33 2 47 50 79 79 contact@autredistribution.fr

Danmark: Jazzklubben, Gothersgade 107, 1123 Kbh. K. +45 33 33 87 40

Digital Distribution: IDOL



Hasse Poulsenguitar and vocals

Fabien Duscombsdrums

1Au bord de Bordes 3:22Duscombs/Poulsen

2Stray and Roam4:59Hasse Poulsen

3Freedom Jazzdance 3:04Eddie Harris/Eddie Jefferson

4Sang Bleu5:42Duscombs/Poulsen

5Fjeldvandreren7:39Povl Dissing / Trad from Greenland

6Jockey Full of Burbon 5:18Tom Waits

7Folking Around2:54Hasse Poulsen

8Beans Taste Fine2:16Shell Silverstein

9Remember3:45John Lennon

10 Highway To An Accident 5:12Duscombs/Poulsen

11 While I'm Alive5:07Hasse Poulsen

12 It's All Over 5:57Hasse Poulsen

EISLER EXPLOSION Das Kapital Records CD15A7

Das Kapital & Royal Symphonic Wind Orchestra Vooruit, Harelbeke

Daniel Erdmann tenor & soprano saxophone

Hasse Poulsen guitar

Edward Perraud drums

Royal Symphonic Wind Orchestra Vooruit, Harelbeke conducted by Geert Verschaeve


compositions and arrangements by:

Hanns Eisler, Erik Desimpelaere, Tim Garland, Stéphane Leach, Peter Vermeersch 

1 Eisler's Hand 16:26 Tim Garland 

2 Sud 6:05 Stephane Leach

3 Ouest 3:42 Stephane Leach

4 Bankenlied 5:37 Hanns Eisler arr.Peter Vermeersch 

5 Hollywood 9:21 Erik Desimpelaere

6 Über den Selbstmord/Elegie 1939 14:00 Hanns Eisler arr.Peter Vermeersch 

7 Est 6:11 Stephane Leach

8 Karl 7:46 Stephane Leach

9 Ballade 4:12 Stephane Leach



Hasse Poulsen guitar, voice

Debbie Cameron voice , pian

Luc Ex bass guitar

Mark Sanders drums

1 Birth 3:28 Hughes / Poulsen

2 When it Comes to You 4:36 Hughes / Poulsen

3 Song of The Refugee Road 3:54 Hughes / Ex

4 Midnight Raffle 2:56 Hughes / Poulsen

5 Request for Requiems 3:11 Hughes / Poulsen

6 I Dream a World 4:18 Hughes / Poulsen

7 Breath of a Rose 4:38 Hughes / Poulsen

8 Madam and the Minister 3:39 Hughes / Poulsen

9 Heart 4:07 Hughes / Poulsen

10 Little Green Tree 3:24 Hughes / Poulsen

11 Dream 4:13 Hughes / Ex

12 Poet to Bigot 4:58 Hughes / Ex / Poulsen

13 Trumpet Player 3:30 Hughes / Poulsen

14 Life is Fine 2:58 Hughes / Poulsen


01 The President of France is a Criminal 2:43

02 I Told You 4:57

03 Until Everything is Sold 5:00

04 I'd Like to Fly 7:09

05 Pinocchio is Dead 4:38

06 Ballad in Plain A 3:25

07 Marshmallows & Yellow Fever 4:37

08 Michael Moore 2:31

09 There's Nothing in Heaven 3:42

10 New Year 6:34

11 Success 2:02

12 Let's Get Contemporary 5:45

13 Forever Again 3:20

14 So Many 5:07


Hasse Poulsen / Vocals and guitar Henrik S Simonsen / Bass

Edward Perraud / drums and elektronics Gilles Olivesi / Sound and effects

Claudia B Poulsen / backing vocals ixi string quartet/ strings

Words and music by The Man They Call Ass

Hasse Poulsen guitar

Adrien Dennefeld guitar

Benjamin Flament vibraphone

Julien Chamla drums

Denis Rouvre photography


1 I’ve Heard it Said Before (Poulsen) 4:09

2 Sous la Glace (Chamla)5:11

3 Air Métaux (Dennefeld)5:56

4 Slow Job (Poulsen)5:50

5 4 Chemins (Dennefeld)3:40

6 Tu vas où, Michael? (Poulsen)4:15

7 Aphrodite on the couch (Dennefeld) 2:16

8 Lazers on the Jungle (Poulsen) 5:49

9 Hawaii (Chamla)4:19

10 Cannon (Chamla, Poulsen) 6:49

11 Arthel (Flament)2:16


Daniel Erdmanntenor & soprano saxophone

Hasse Poulsenguitar, voice*, bells**

Edward Perrauddrums, percussion.

1Hark, the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelsohn/Cummings) 2.01

2Vom Himmel Hoch (Martin Luther 1535)2:36

3 Il est né le divin Enfant (France 15th century)2:21

4Juletræet med sin Pynt (Egil Harder, 1940)4:09

5Silent Night (Frantz Xavier Gruber 1818) 1:56

6Mon beau sapin (trad. 16th century)4:18

7White Christmas (Irving Berlin, 1942)2:37

8Das Kap Loves Christmas (Daniel Erdmann)2:17

9Last Christmas (George Michael, 1984)3:37

10O du Fröhliche (very old german song)2:44

11Joy to the World (Erdmann, Poulsen, Perraud via Händel) 3:55

12The Little Drummer Boy (Katherine Kennicot Davies, 1941) 4:13

13The Xmas Jerk (Edward Perraud)2:00

14Happy Saturnalia*(Hasse Poulsen) 3:28

15Jingles & Bells**(Erdmann,Poulsen, Perraud)2:58

Guillaume Orti alto saxophone

Stéphane Payenalto saxophone

Hasse Poulsen guitar

Henrik Simonsen bass

Tom Rainey drums


1 Opener4:42

2 They might think I was soft 5:59

3 V 5:27

4 Good news from St. Nazaire 4:05

5 Take your own time7:55

6 Born under two flags4:07

7 Très blue7:29

8 Children of migrants4:24

9 Close to my country4:44

10 Where my heart lies3:58

11 Tradition of dissent6:07

12 Claudia in the movies4:58

All compositions by Hasse Poulsen (KODA/NcB)

except “V” by Guillaume Orti (Sacem), “Take your own time” by Stéphane Payen

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Conflicts & Conclusions. Das Kapital plays Hanns Eisler

Daniel Erdmann tenor saxophone

Hasse Poulsen guitar

Edward Perraud drums

1 Auferstanden aus Ruinen4:04

2Die Pappel Vom Karlsplatz3:19

3Lied einer Deutschen Mutter 5:31

4 Die Haltbare Graugans4:52

5Wienerlied 4:39

6Kohlen fur Mike5:41

7Verfehlte Liebe3:55

8Friedenslied 5.26

9To those who came before 1:41

10An die Nachgeborenen 3:30

11Sklave wer wird dich befreien7:14A

12Und ich werde nicht mehr sehen6:40

14Hollywood Elegie Koda2:34

To those who came before composed by Daniel Erdmann (Gema), Hasse Poulsen (Koda), Edward Perraud (Sacem)

All other compositions by Hanns Eisler (C.F. Peters Verlag, Frankfurt/Main)


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Ballads & Barricades. Das Kapital plays Hanns Eisler


Daniel Erdmanntenor saxophone

Hasse Poulsenguitar

Edward Perrauddrums

1An den Deutschen Mond 4:57

2Ohne Kapitalisten geht es besser3:42

3Vom Sprengen des Gartens 3:25

4Die Moorsoldaten 5:11

5Auf der Flucht 4:05

6An den kleinen Radioapparat 4:20

7Lied von der Moldau 1:42

8Das Wunderland 6:01

9Hotelzimmer1942 4:55

10Landschaft des Exils 5:06

11Elegie 1939 3:37

12Solidaritätslied 3:01

13Mutter Beimlein 2:36

14Einheitsfrontslied 3:33

15Marie, weine nicht 3:54

All compositions by Hanns Eisler (Deutscher Verlag für Musik GmbH)

Die Moorsoldaten (C.F. Peters Verlag, Frankfurt/Main), Das Wunderland (Hofmeister Verlag in Leipzig)

All selections arranged by Edward Perraud, Daniel Erdmann, Hasse Poulsen (Sacem, Gema, Koda)

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